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"The 6 facial treatments will improve your skin texture. They will also improve facial problems such as acne, scars, dark spots, or even wrinkles."


A regularly skin care routine is necessary to help you maintain overall skin health and improve specific problems such as acne, acne scars, freckles, melasma, dark spots, or even wrinkles. Good facial treatment is one of the ways to effectively restore your skin.

At Puttharaksa Aesthetic Sukhumvit Bangkok, we offer 6 best facial treatments to solve different facial problems and needs. With more than 18 years experience and 40,000 cases, our facials have been providing effective results to all skin types. Quality products and services with care are the important things that we are focusing. Therefore, vitamins and nourishment gels in the treatment will be adjusted according to individual skin type to deliver the best benefits and avoid any side effects to the skin.

1. Acne Clear Plus: An acne improvement program.

Facial Treatment Bangkok

Acne Clear Plus is an acne improvement program that helps solve acne problems such as comedone acne, inflammatory acne, blackheads, whiteheads and other irritations within the short period of time. It also helps prevent new acne and improve the skin structure by making the skin stronger in order to enhance the skin's ability to protect itself. Acne Clear Plus consists of 3 important components:
1. Acne Care Treatment
2. Acne Extraction
3. Three creams to be used at home for reducing and preventing acne

Price: 999 THB/session
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2. Microdermabrasion: A skin-exfoliating treatment to get rid of dead skin cell.

Best Facial in Bangkok

Microdermabrasion Treatment is an advanced treatment of exfoliating the skin to remove the superficial layer of dry, dead skin cells. If not removed, numerous complexion problems are likely to occur. Through Microdermabrasion, the collagen will be stimulated. So, skin becomes smoother and pore becomes minimized. In addition, this treatment composes of Collagen Massage which gives a fresher and healthier skin. This treatment is also considered to be one of the best facial cleansing treatments.

Price: 599 THB/session
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3. Acne Scar Clear: An acne scar treatment for black and red scars.

Best Facial Treatment in Bangkok Thailand

Acne Scar Clear helps reduce red and black acne scars. This treatment applies Intense Pulse Light and Radiofrequency on your skin. The light is filtered for suitable wavelength. Therefore, it removes only black and red spots while the Raidofrequency helps stimulate collagen. So your scars become lighten. Besides, this treatment also composes of Rebalancing Mask which helps reduce redness and adjust the skin to become normal faster.

Price: 2,399 THB/session
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4. Acne Care: A facial treatment to cope with acne.

Facial Treatment in Bangkok Sukhumvit

Acne Care Treatment helps reduce comedones, inflamed acne and other skin irritations. It is an excellent mix of wave generation machine (Phonophoresis), vitamins, nourishment gels and Acne Mask for coping acne. The machine helps enhance the delivery of topically applied vitamins and nourishment gels while Acne Mask helps reduce inflammatory and comedo acne. Through this treatment, the skin will be more hydrated, healthier, and stronger. As a result, it can reduce existing acne as well as prevent the new one.

Acne Care is the facial in our acne improvement program Acne Clear Plus.

Price: 599 THB/session
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5. Absolute Brightening: A facial treatment essence to brighten your skin.

Best Facial Treatment Bangkok

Absolute Brightening Treatment helps reduce acne scars, pigmentations, freckles and melasma. It provides lighter, brighter and healthier-looking skin by lightening the dark spots and discoloration along with brightening the skin. This treatment is a perfect combination of wave generation machine (Phonophoresis), vitamins, nourishment gels and Whitening Mask. The machine helps penetrate the essential substances deeply into the skin while Whitening Mask helps skin softer and gentler. Thus, the skin will become healthier and brighten.

Price: 599 THB/session
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6. Rejuvenation: A facial treatment to tightening your skin.

Beauty Treatment in Bangkok Thailand

Rejuvenation is facial treatment for restoring the youthful facial appearance. It is a smooth combination of Face Lift machine, vitamins, nourishment gels and Lift Mask to deliver a great result. Face Lift machine helps exercise facial muscle and increase blood circulation while Lift Mask works on tighten the skin. With such combination, the skin will be younger, smoother and brighter.

Price: 799 THB/session
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