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Rejuvenation: Wrinkles Treatment Bangkok, Thailand

Rejuvenation is facial wrinkles treatment for restoring the youthful appearance. It is a smooth combination of Face Lift machine (microcurrent), vitamins, nourishment gels including Vitamin A, Tranexamic, Vitamin C, Hyaluron, Collagen and Aloe Vera, as well as Lift Mask to prevent and reducing wrinkles. Face Lift machine helps exercise muscle and blood circulation while vitamins and nourishment gels make skin healthy. Lift Mask works on tighten the skin. With such combination, our skin will be younger and brighter.

What are benefit of Rejuvenation treatment?

1. It tightens the skin.
2. It makes skin looking smoother and younger.
3. It helps skin brighten and brings out healthier.

Which machines are used?

1. Face Lift Machine: helping lift the face and firm facial muscles.
2. Cryotherapy: reducing unwanted irritation and minimizing the pores.
3. Anti-Wrinkle Lift Mask: anti-aging, repairing and tighten the skin.

Which nourishment are used?

1. Vitamin A: to brighten the skin and improve the wrinkles associated with natural aging.
2. Tranexamic: to eliminate black spots, reduce pigmentation and make the skin brighten..
3. Vitamin C: to lighten the skin and reduce pigmentation.
4. Hyaluronic: to reduce wrinkle and maintain elasticity of your skin.
5. Collagen: to keep firm, smooth, and soften skin.
6. Aloe Vera: to reduce the redness and inflammation.
7. Multivitamin Moisturizer: to help the skin stay moisturized.
8. Sun Protection: to protect skin from sun light.
9. Thermal Spring Water: to reduce the accumulation of toxins in skin and help hydrating skin.

Who is suitable for Rejuvenation treatment?

Rejuvenation Complex is suitable for people having wrinkles and fine lines.

Is Rejuvenation treatment suitable for sensitive skin?

Yes, it is. The treatment can be adjusted to all skin types. Besides, Rejuvenation treatment contains vitamins, nourishment gels which can make skin become healthier. Therefore, the skin become more stable and stronger.

How often?

Once per week.

Price/ Package/ Time?

The total time per session is 50 min.

Course size (session)
Discount (%)
Total price (THB)
1 - 799
7 10% 4,999
14 20% 8,999


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